Sailing trip on the La Maddalena Islands

In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, between Corsica and Sardegna, lies the Maddalena National Park, a unique place where seagulls, cormorans and herons make nests and, thanks to a history of military occupation, has been saved from development.The Maddalena island and about ten smaller islands, in front of the famous Costa Smeralda, together encompass almost 200 km of coast.

trip advisor 2017 rumbera charterIn this microcosm, that many define as “the most beautiful place of the Mediterranean Sea” and “the cradle of sailing”, Rumbera has its main base. The boat is an oceanic sloop, built to fulfill the desire to navigate and travel. The robustness of the materials used to build it, the steel of the hull ,and the history of a sailboat that crossed the Atlantic Ocean bringing us into the Caribbean Sea, gives a sense of protection and fascination.
The large hull, with its retractable keel, assures a spacious deck and the privilege of mooring in shallow waters.

We organize daily excursions to the National Park of La Maddalena, to the Islands of Budelli, Santa Maria, Spargi and Porto della Madonna.
We escort our guests with a dinghy tender to the beaches of the Natural Swimming Pools and Spargi Island.
Lunch on board.
Departure from Palau Port at about 10:30
Personalized itineraries.
On request, excursions to the Islands of Lavezzi and Cavallo, in Corsica.