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Around 1980 the project of a sailboat destined to make an expedition in the Arctic Sea was commissioned to the studio of the architect Gilbert Caroff in Paris. The Ile Disko (from the name of an archipelago in Greenland) is born: a steel hull of 12.70 meters. with integral mobile keel, characterized by structure and thicknesses that make it able to face and resist adverse sailing conditions. Since then about two hundred hulls have been built in various shipyards around the world.

The “RUMBERA” was launched in 1992, after two years of work in which the crew, in addition to overseeing the construction, actively participates in the outfitting work, preferring materials and solutions suitable for ensuring comfort and safety in offshore navigation.

In the autumn he sets out on the route to the Caribbean. For two years he sails between the Caribbean islands and Venezuela, carrying out charter activities and then returning in 1994 to Sardinia where he still is based.

  • Length over all 12,74 m
  • Width over all 4,24 m
  • Draft 2,7 / 1,5 m (lifting keel)
  • Construction material Steel
  • Pax capacity 12 pp

Cabin on board

Toilette on board

 Kitchen on board

Sun-bathing area in front

Swimming ladder in the back

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