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Rumbera Charter

RUMBERA CHARTER will introduce you to the most spectacular places in the archipelago, famous for the fantastic colors and transparency of the waters. Thanks to its mobile drift, the S / Y RUMBERA and also the MOTOR YACHT POLARIS can anchor in the small lagoons of the Piscine Naturali, between Santa Maria, Budelli and Razzoli, where the water is truly transparent and where the shallow waters vary from one to three. meters.

The S / Y RUMBERA and the MOTOR YACHT POLARIS are historic Palau boats which, according to current regulations, adopt the leasing and rental system. RUMBERA CHARTER always recommends its skippers as they are good connoisseurs of the area.

The RIB has large sunbathing areas both aft and bow for maximum relaxation and fun and is rented with the Driver.
An awning for the sun will protect you from the hottest hours of the day and an ice box will allow you to keep the drinks we offer cool.

The RUMBERA CHARTER staff illustrates the possible itineraries in the La Maddalena Archipelago, always recommending the ideal day based on: weather conditions, your availability and availability of the boat itself.
The lease will indicate times of departure and return to the port.
The appointment is at 10:00. in the morning, and thanks to your punctuality, departure will be possible before 10:30.

The S / Y RUMBERA starting from the end of June until the first days of September will adopt a different time: from 11.30 until sunset to enjoy the spectacle of the sun at sea sipping a last aperitif.

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